Update “Rearmed”

Here a preview of the changelog…

New bombs management

Now ammo and bombs are two different resources. So the bombs will be ordered and managed separately from the warehouse. In addition, each aircraft will have its own bomb load capacity.

New repair system

The aircraft repair system has been completely revised. More operations can now be performed while the aircraft is in the service platform. Attention: the more repairs you do the more time and mechanics it will take.

New workbench

The second workbench for creating parts was replaced with one for making complete aircraft repairs when their durability is less than 20.

New tanker

Based on the new modifications, the tanker was also revised. It is now no longer mobile but always confers the refueling speed bonus. It adds +10 fuel and its cost has been reduced by 30%.

Aborting missions

Added the ability to cancel a mission and return the aircrafts to the base. However, you will not get the full reward.

Customizable day duration

Added the possibility from the options menu to choose the duration of the day.


  • The aces no longer take serious damage.
  • Reduced the intercepting percentage during bombing. Form 25,50,75% to 20,40,60%.
  • Incresed the resistence of the planes to crash, but raised their repair costs.
  • Added the fire cone preview while hoovering a plane with the mouse during an attaking combat.